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Unlock the Hidden Secrets to Immigrant Success in America


You are a striver. You have reached certain heights in this country...accomplishing several of the goals you dreamed of when you were back home.

You’ve gotten an advanced degree, adjusted your immigration status, found love, birthed children and/or started a business in the land of the free and the home of the brave. This is your home now.

You have a very strong support system here in this country, almost as strong as the one you built back home.

You have assimilated well into American culture. Your accent has been reduced. Your family has visited and you can accommodate them with first world fanfare. You may have even picked up American pastimes like watching pigskin football, window-shopping and swapping weeknight meals for an UberEats delivery.


Still, just because you have grown accustomed to American privileges, you will not forget your origins. You do not accept defeat easily because returning to your home country unaccomplished is not an option. 

You have business plans to create. You have moves to make. You have milestones to mark.

Well, guess what?


There are investors, venture capitalists and sharks like Kevin Harrington who want to work with you. 

Why? Because immigrants are resourceful. Immigrants are scrappy. Immigrants are thinkers.
Immigrants have demonstrated a fierce, unwavering desire to leave a legacy for their families in America.
This is why U.S. companies hire them. And, it is also why investors seek them out to back their most innovative business models and inventions. 
Why can't this be your story?

If the next few statements are you...

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Promise me you'll leave the negative nay-sayers behind and...



CAN'T travel overseas for more than 6 months at a time

CAN'T expand my business overseas because I need a U.S. passport

CAN'T vote in the next election that affects me

CAN'T work abroad even though I have gotten many offers to do so

CAN'T earn a higher income due to my status


Serve on a Jury

Young Black voters

Vote in Elections

US Passports - Free Travel

Travel Without Restriction

Citizens Make More Money

Earn Higher Income

Immigrant Man Now Naturalized Citizen

Apply for Government Jobs

Arab Family All Naturalized

Children Automatically Become Citizens

Daughter Files for Mother in Home Country

Reunite with family




2019 Knowles Tiffani_headshot for JWOF.j


I'm Tiffani 

Entrepreneur and Immigrant Advocate

Broker for Celebrity Sharks & Investors

Featured on

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A native of Miami, a hotbed for immigration, I witnessed - firsthand -  the results of inadequate immigrant education. Thousands spent on dishonest lawyers. Years spent in USCIS limbo. Applications rejected.  For more than a decade, my dad - a well-known local business owner - and I assisted new immigrants and their families in filing for status adjustments and finding them employment.


I worked for years as a journalist where I developed a passion for accuracy and  investigative research skills before starting a business of my own where have develop and connected thousands of talented immigrant business owners with hedge funds, lenders, venture capitalists, investors and celebrity sharks to scale their business.


My work has been featured on CNN, Home Business Magazine and Discovery Channel. My goal — to help immigrants avoid the pitfalls and disappointments that are 100% avoidable - WITH THE RIGHT KNOWLEDGE.

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In our boot camp, you will learn

✅How to Attract Investors as an Immigrant-Owned Business
✅The Top Secret Business Benefits of U.S. Citizenship

✅N-400 Common Mistakes

✅How to Gain Money/Success with a U.S. Passport
✅How to Create Strategic Partnerships with Celebrity Sharks
✅How to Expand Your Business Internationally

We can only work with a small group for this special Kevin Harrington-endorsed program! 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 So, sign up TODAY!


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