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Guts, Grit, Grind and Further Traits in the Successful American Immigrant

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In a response to the ideology that an immigrant of color is a burden on the American government, ¡Hola America! aims to paint a more accurate picture of diligent Panamanian nannies, Nigerian entrepreneurs and Mexican farm workers who live for nothing more than to flourish beyond the meager existence that their home countries have afforded them and how they add tremendous value to the American economy.

This book is for:

The New Immigrant

The Undocumented Immigrant

The Overworked, Underpaid Immigrant

The Naturalized Immigrant

The Child of the Immigrant

The Friend of the Immigrant


Meet Tiffani Knowles

Co-Author and Professor

15+ Years of Professional Experience.

TIFFANI KNOWLES, a native of Miami, Florida, is a journalist and a professor of communication at Barry University.  She began her career in journalism in 2000 with The Miami Herald. She has worked as a coordinating producer for a youth television show, a radio personality, station manager, and a voiceover artist for clients like Merriam-Webster, CROCS, CNN and Discovery Channel.


In 2009, she founded an online news source for the urban twentysomething, NEWD Magazine.  She is also a contributing writer for The Miami Times, South Florida’s African American weekly newspaper.

She holds a bachelor's degree in broadcast communication from Barry University in Miami and a master's degree in Arts and Humanities Education from New York University. She completed a journalism intensive through American University’s Washington Semester program in 2003 and an education and social reform program through NYU’s Study Abroad course in South Africa in 2005.

She co-authored this book with her dad, Livingstone, in 2016

What People Say

This book was such an easy read and couldn't have been published at a better time such as now. 


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Learn from the Jamaican nurse’s aide migrated her entire family of 7 – all legally.

Learn from the Cuban immigrant witnessed her father’s business crumble post-migration yet bounced back to run her own profitable franchise.

Learn from the Nigerian entrepreneur flipped real estate properties all while under a deportation order.

Learn from the Indian woman on an H-1B visa became a Florida Pharmacist of the Year

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