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Applying for Citizenship On Your Own

Unlock U.S. Citizenship Application Secrets And Expedite Your Case

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Tiffani Knowles


I'm Tiffani 

U.S. Citizen with

15+ Years of Professional Experience in Teaching and Journalism.

A native of Miami, a hotbed for immigration, I witnessed - firsthand -  the results of inadequate immigrant education. Thousands spent on dishonest lawyers. Years spent in USCIS limbo. Applications rejected.  For more than a decade, my dad - a well-known local business owner - and I assisted new immigrants and their families in filing for status adjustments and finding them employment.


I worked for years as a journalist where I developed a passion for accuracy and  investigative research skills while under the tutelage of Pulitzer-prize winning journalists all the while telling the stories of those caught in the throes of a complex immigration system. Currently a professor of communication studies at a university in Miami, my work has been featured on CNN, LifeZone TV and Discovery Channel. My goal — to help immigrants avoid the pitfalls and disappointments that are 100% avoidable - WITH THE RIGHT KNOWLEDGE.

Featured on

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In My Course, You Will Learn How To


File your Naturalization Form online FAST and for FREE


Prepare the right documents to EXPEDITE your case


Study for Your Citizenship Test and Interview


CAN'T apply for certain grants and $$$ benefits

CAN'T apply for well-paying government jobs

CAN'T file for your mom or your brother to come to the U.S.

CAN'T vote in an election that affects you

CAN'T expand your business overseas

CAN'T relocate abroad for a job offer

CAN'T earn high income due to status


Serve on a Jury

Young Black voters

Vote in Elections

US Passports - Free Travel

Travel Without Restriction

Citizens Make More Money

Earn Higher Income

Immigrant Man Now Naturalized Citizen

Apply for Government Jobs

Arab Family All Naturalized

Children Automatically Become Citizens

Daughter Files for Mother in Home Country

Reunite with family

With many USCIS offices under fire due to COVID-19, NOW is the perfect time to take your application seriously and file online. WHY.....

USCIS will issue a fee increase for many immigration applications by Oct. 2. The naturalization fee, in particular, will go up to over $1,000.

USCIS application and petition receipts have “dropped to half their previous levels and with them, agency revenue.”  So, USCIS has fewer than normal files to review because of the pandemic. Can we say perfect timing

Many applicants have the misconception (maybe you do too) that USCIS has stopped accepting applications. That's just not true. They are currently partial to N-400 apps because it is an election year.  As of Spring 2020, they have begun advising applicants to file online to alleviate staff pressures.

Many immigration applicants have lost jobs, gotten discouraged and stopped their application. You have less competition. 

Law Offices are closed, backlogged or operating on limited staff, causing them to slow down their filing process.

Here's Some of What You'll Learn Once You Are Inside This Program

What People Say

I signed up and I liked that the process was smooth and easy. All the topics were outlined clearly and easy to navigate. 

Jon L, Boston

However, this is NOT for everyone. In fact, some people just aren't a good fit for this.

Not Enroll.png
3 Very Good Reasons Why you Should NOT Enroll in this Course

You LOVE paying High Lawyer Fees

Lawyers cost a pretty penny and they don't possess a magic pill in getting your case processed faster than anyone else's. Unless you have a criminal background, you do not need a lawyer to apply for citizenship.


For a firm to file your US citizenship application,  you can expect to pay anywhere from $1,000 to a whopping $3,000.

The biggest problem is that lawyers are not obligated to offer you  coaching for this price. They ONLY file your documents with USCIS. They are not obligated to work on test and interview prep, biometrics prep or oath ceremony prep with you. You're on your own for that stuff. So, what exactly are you paying for? If it's just to fill out the N-400 Form and submit the required documents, you've got us!


You LOVE submitting Paper Applications Via US Mail

Listen...this course is online for a reason. Since the USCIS started adapting many of their forms and applications for ONLINE filing, you can bypass 1) the cost of printing the forms and documents 2) the cost of mailing the documents 3) the inconvenient wait that comes with USCIS notices in the mail

According to the USCIS, "the case status information on their website is updated regularly throughout the business day. If any action is taken regarding your case, the change will be reflected on this site within a few minutes of the action-taking place."

If you really want to go the hard copy route, you can. But, know, it will be the the main method of correspondence for updates on your case and it's NOT FAST. One applicant who applied online mentioned in a forum that she got her naturalization interview in half the time of her friends who applied via the mail.


You have time to waste 


If you're someone who is fine with JUST remaining a permanent legal resident of the States (with restrictions on your travel, family filing and government benefits) for another 5 years... this course is NOT for you. 

But, if you're a person who has goals to hit and wants to make their mark as a citizen of this great nation, then you actually NEED your file to be expedited.


We can help you ONLY if You're someone who CANNOT afford:


1) to wait weeks for new case statuses to be updated through the mail

2) to make costly mistakes on your N-400 Form

3) to fret because your oath ceremony notice got lost in the mail

4) to risk your application being rejected because of poor prep

Guess what? If you enroll today, you can take advantage of the following limited time bonuses

Bonus Offers

When You Enroll Today 

Limited Offer for COVID-19
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Limited Offer for COVID-19
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Limited Offer for COVID-19
Special Offer

Where you're one of the first 50 people to enroll in this life-changing program during the COVID-19 Pre-Sale, we will offer you free VIP Document Preparation and Review  PLUS a complimentary business consultation to get your business funded and scaled during 2020!

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VIP Price $297

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Can't Decide Now...Try it Free for 14 Days!

If for any reason you're dissatisfied, simply let us know within 14 days and we'll give you a full refund. We know this isn't going to happen, but the option is available for you just in case. :-)

Thanks for submitting!

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